Tournament Details

Dates and Location

The Tournament will be April 24-27, 2024 at the Houston Racquet Club, 10709 Memorial Drive in Houston, Texas 77024

Registration and Check-in

The Registration and Welcome reception is scheduled for Wednesday, April 24th from 4:00-7:00 p.m. at the Houston Racquet Club. Please note that there will be no provision for registration at any other time. If you are unable to register in person on Wednesday, you should have another Tournament invitee register for you at that time.

Tournament Specifics


Main Doubles play will begin promptly at 7:45 a.m. Thursday morning. The Scrambles, WOTT Mixed Doubles and Pickleball play will begin early Thursday afternoon. You should plan to check-in at the appropriate Tournament desk at least 30 minutes in advance of scheduled play. Default rules will be strictly enforced. The Tournament will conclude mid-day Saturday following the semi-finals and finals matches for each event.


The Tournament will include four events: (1) Main Doubles, (2) Scrambles, (3) WOTT Mixed Doubles, and 4) Pickleball. The WOTT Mixed Doubles event permits an INVITED Player to form a mixed doubles team with either their spouse, OR with another INVITED Player (or the spouse of an INVITED Player, as appropriate), OR with an Outside Mixed Partner (see “Open Championship Mixed Doubles” below). The Pickleball event permits an INVITED Player to form a team with either their spouse, OR with another INVITED Player (or the spouse of an INVITED Player, as appropriate), OR with an Outside Mixed Partner (see “Open Championship Mixed Doubles” below).

The “Open Mixed Doubles” participants will need to observe the following rules/qualifications:

  • INVITED Players may ask an Outside Mixed Partner to play with them.
  • The Outside Mixed Partner must play in the Open Mixed Doubles bracket with their INVITED Player only.
  • Open Mixed Doubles partners will be placed in the bracket of the most skilled player.
  • There will be an additional fee for the Outside Mixed Partner to play in the tournament. This additional fee will entitle the Outside Mixed Partner to attend all tournament functions.
    • $300.00 Registration Fee for the Outside Mixed Partner only; or
    • $600.00 Registration Fee for the Outside Mixed Partner and a spouse/date.
  • Outside Mixed Partner will be defined as follows:
    • Not a spouse of an INVITED Player; and
    • Cannot be a current tennis professional.
    • Tournament Committee and/or the Executive Committee will have final decision in all matters concerning the participation of an Outside Mixed Partner.

Each Tournament event will feature up to five divisions: “Championship”, “A-1”, “A-2”, “B-1”, and “B-2”. This format should minimize most scheduling delays in the early rounds and improve the competitive balance throughout the Tournament.

Each INVITED Player may enter no more than two events: Main Doubles, and your choice of either Scrambles or WOTT Mixed Doubles or Pickleball. You will be assured of at least two matches in each event entered.

Partner Selection

To promote the social aspects of our Tournament, the WOTT Board requests that you change doubles partners if you have played with the same partner for the last two years. In selecting a new partner, it will first be necessary for you to determine whether your prospective partner has received an invitation to the Tournament. If you do not have a Main Doubles partner, the Tournament Committee will pair you with someone of generally equal ability. Note: The Tournament Committee may NOT be able to assist you in the selection of a WOTT Mixed Doubles partner.

Each team will be placed in the division of its highest rated player. For your own enjoyment and the success of the Tournament, it is important that you rank yourself accurately. No tennis professionals will be permitted to play in any division. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to upgrade or downgrade teams based on previous performances. The Tournament Committee must make any last minute substitutions that may be necessary.

NOTE to 2023 Finalists

If you reached the finals in the 2023 Tournament (other than in the Championship division, Scrambles or in any consolation bracket), this year you must move to the next higher division regardless of whether you play with the same partner or a new one.

Tournament Registration

Tournament registration is completed on-line at our website: Refer to “Frequently Asked Questions” for assistance. Contact us for assistance.

The Tournament entry fee is $600. This fee covers Tournament play for you and your spouse, and participation in all scheduled activities for you and your spouse/date. There is a Tournament entry fee of $300 for an Outside Mixed Partner which covers tournament play and socials. An additional Tournament entry fee of $300 will cover the spouse/date of an Outside Mixed Partner at all the tournament functions. Payment may be made by check, Master Card, Visa or American Express. Checks should be made payable to WOTT Corp. and mailed to WOTT c/o Susan Strohmeyer 5859 Inwood Park Ct., Houston, TX 77057. As in past years, we anticipate receiving more player requests than can be reasonably accommodated making it necessary to limit the number of entrants. Registration should be completed ON OR BEFORE Saturday, March 30-by list.

You are not guaranteed entrance into the Tournament until you receive a CONFIRMATION LETTER from WOTT. Please note that the invitation may not be transferred to another individual.

Tournament Sponsorship

Many of the Tournament activities, as well as the welcome bags provided at registration, are made possible by contributions from generous sponsors. Over the years, these important contributions have helped make the World Oilman’s Tennis Tournament one of the truly memorable social events in our industry. In order to ensure the continued quality and success of the Tournament, we hope that you too will consider a sponsorship commitment to WOTT.

All first year participants are required to sponsor; all E&P companies with 3 or more participants are required to sponsor; all non-E&P participants are required to sponsor a minimum of $750 per player. Minimum sponsorships are available in the amount of $750. Sponsorships are separate contributions to the Tournament and are not received in lieu of any Tournament entry fee. Neither the sponsorship contributions nor the Tournament entry fees are deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Sponsors are encouraged to bring guests to the Thursday night Sponsors’ Gala and how many couples depends upon your level of sponsorship (Special Sponsors = 1 couple; Davis Cup = 2 couples; Australian Open = 3 couples; Wimbledon = 4 couples; U.S. Open = 6 couples and Grand Slam Sponsors = 8 couples). This is an opportunity for you, as a sponsor, to provide an evening of fun and entertainment to a client/customer at no additional expense! Please send the first and last names of the couple(s) you are inviting to Tom Young ( before April 15, 2024.


Breakfast and lunch will be served at the Club each day and refreshments will be available throughout the Tournament at courtside. Two very special Social Events have been planned for Thursday and Friday evenings to celebrate our 48th Anniversary. The Thursday Evening Party will be Indoor Suit/Coat & Tie. The Friday evening party will be Country Club Casual.

Hotel Recommendations

A list of hotels can be found under by Clicking Here.

WOTT Photo Directory

This year, we are again making a special effort to update the WOTT photo directory. Our goal is to be able to include a current photo for EVERY participant and EVERY sponsor. This directory is invaluable in furthering the social and business interactions within our industry and we need your help to make certain that it is kept current and complete. We ask that you make a special effort to forward an updated photo(s) this year. Digital photos in the *.tiff, *.gif or *.jpeg format are preferred. Photos in digital format may be sent by e-mail to John Aubrey ( or Susan Strohmeyer ( Please put the names of the parties whose pictures are attached in the subject line of emails and begin with the word WOTTPIC followed by the year then the parties names (e.g, WOTTPIC24 Player Name). We have lost a few emailed pictures to spam and accidental deletion due to lack of subject information. Digital photos in the .tiff, .gif or .jpeg format with at least 150 dpi and at least 1” by 2” are ideal. Of course, regular photographs will be accepted as well. Photo booths will be set up during registration and tournament play. If you do not have a current photo in the directory and are unable to obtain one prior to the start of the tournament, please stop by one of the WOTT photo booths sometime during registration or the tournament. In the event you would like to have a photo of a non-spouse included please so specify.